Can’t figure out chiller circulation on DLSB 30L-30C

Hey everyone I have a 20L rotovap set up - I got it with a cracked bottom condenser coil. I’m not sure what I did and I can’t find any instructions. As far as I can tell the machine is working perfectly fine but it just won’t circulate the fluid. It chilled down to -30 just fine. Not sure what the issue is but I need it to circulate

Gotta turn on the recirculating pump.

I have the 5/10 version.

Take a 2’ piece of tubing, connect in and out. Then run. Directions say you need to prime it.

Yea it didn’t come with instructions - I looked up a different models manual.

I’m sitting 1’ from my 5/10 chiller and 10’ frommthe directions. I’ll be on here for a bit more if you need some help.

I bought the smallest model 5 -20 and the circulation pump came on for 5 seconds before it died. Took 2 and a half months to get it repaired and reimburse d by lab1st.

Try looping the in and out with a 2’ piece of tubing. Fill reservoir, turn on and see what happens.


Awesome thanks everyone I got it figured out - I had to flip the breaker and reset the PA value.

Don’t know if you are still having issues but when the pump stopped working on our chiller we bought an inline pump. Been working fine for the last 6 months.