Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong..

I’ve been having this issue with all my shatter it won’t Stabilize it sugars up it’s been about 4 runs now!
First off I’m using a HFS 1.9 oven.
I have it set too 97F.
I pour my collection pot too parchment.
Then I stick in the oven and begin to pull vacuum for a hour then I held it for 12 hours, pulled it then flipped and continue to pull vacuum for a hour or so then let hold about 3 hours in complete slab turned to Sugar.

Then I did more runs and it continued so the 4th try I left vacuum on for 12 hours and the next morning half of it turned to Sugar.

Every time I opened I checked the temp on the oven with temp gun it was 98.4 to 98.7 had it set at 97.

You are going to want to use the search bar, try searching for shatter and sugar and read up a bit, you might find what you are looking for.

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Turn your oven down, start barely above room temp and go up in 5 degree increments until you see the action you want, usually around 85°F, and then use single degree changes to dial in the perfect temp. Also keep in mind that not all strains are going to work the same and may require more or less heat to achieve the same results.


Sounds like you have a fairly pure extract, and with nothing to prevent crystallization you’re seeing sugar form. CRC?


Correct, OP you using the CRC tech?

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3rd run I used CRC and that one also Sugared up on me not till at about the 15 to 16 hour I flipped at hour 12, and also when I flip I try not to agitate and I do not roll it our.

Yes, due to the purity of the extraction it tends to crystallize in short order.

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sounds like you’re adding seeds somewhere.

do you have a pour spout on your collection pot (squirt base)? Cleaning the spout between runs can sometimes be enough to solve a sugaring problem.

Edit: I believe (think I recall…) we have a report somewhere here that cleaning the oven thoroughly, including the door gasket, solved one users sugaring issue.


I have the same issue running crc. In fact I’ve never made stable shatter out of the crc.
Now I just make batter with it


In my opinion your temp is to high. If I go above 90 I always get nucleation spots. I never go above 85f some times I have to go as low as 83 to avoid sugaring. It does take longer to purge though sometimes an extra 24hours.

To get all the tiny bubbles out that are trapped what I do is I pull the vac to -25 then let it sit for 30-45mins(I set a timer for 30mins but some times I’m in the middle of a things) then I pull the vac to -26 wait again pull to -27. I try to do that at least twice a day after I flip.

It was a game changer for me made my slabs look a lot nicer and I feel like it helped with stability too. I think @Dred_pirate or @Waxplug1 posted that tek


I had that issue but I started to pour thicker slabs and do the oven thing I posted above and it helped a lot. Also some people say adding t41 has helped them with stability


Thanks everyone for the advice I figured out what one of the problems was that I had the oven set too 97. And it would read 98.7-99 and with the temp gun my 1st 2nd and 3rd shelf got up too 115 to 118 in certain spots, but once I get the new oven I will not set so high and work the temp up!

ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO ALL THAT REPLIED, I will set my temperatures lower and let you guy know how my next run goes!!!


What oven?

I’m running a HFS 1.9 Oven.

Great info :+1:t4:
I think sugars worth more then shatter at the moment it so imo it’s not a bad problem to have lol

How low do you go for final filtration after the crc?

It’s also a possibility that the very fine particles from your crc stack are getting through and creating all kinds of nucleation points all throughout your extract. @Nextracts

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Could be. Any suggestions to avoid this?
Do you run solvent over it to get fines?

I do run solvent over my powder stack but it never gets all of the really fine particles, most of them just find a spot where they fit nicely between the spaces of that larger particles that make up the stack.

The problem with that is that if the temperature of the powder stack isn’t kept very cold then pressure builds from the solvent and that causes the filter bed to shift and more of the really fine shit will make it through your filter bed.

Best option would be to include a final step in your SOP that brings your filtration down to sub micron membranes like the ones that Pall or @FilterGuy offers.


I usually pack my CRC the night before I Run and leave in the freezer overnight same with my columns and right before I vacuum down my whole system I hook up the CRC spool then my column and then I vacuum down, and I also add some dry ice to my column for a semi dewax and my CRC spool, I also made a dry ice sleeve for so it stays cold!


Lookin very good. @TUSLE

Have you added any kind of oil wetted filter before the inlet of your pump to stop powders from getting sucked into your pumps oil when you vac down your system?

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