Can someone help me with this chromatogram

please help me understand this chromatogram
and can you tell that here is an error;

here the results:

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Well the baseline is really noisy, there are a crap ton of unknown peaks.

Essentially the d8 conversion you ran was poor and was improperly cleaned up.


what confuses me is that there are no d9 at all
since it is a conversion from cbd.

I’d bet my baby there is d9 in there, its most likely hidden in the d8 peak and wasn’t properly separated in their test methods.


Thank you for your reply.
well im aware of this fact but what i dont understand is the peak right after (at 9.956) the d8.
should this be d9 ore maybe the first big peak d8 and the litle afterwards d8?
triba is the reference material
other facts i did not get.
thanks for your answer

Long story short, find another lab. I could go more into detail but I do not know their methods or the column they are using so we can only guess.

Ask the lab what their retention time is for d9 and then you will get your answer. I can tell you 9/10 times the majority of labs are not separating d8 from d9 so the retention time for d9 is probably the same as their d8 but since d8 was overshadowing the d9 the peak was hidden inside the d8 peak.

Either way this chromatogram shows me enough to know the d8 they are testing needs further processed and was not properly converted and or not properly cleaned up.


Good lord that’s mystery peak soup.

This is a GC method – I’d really think with 18 minute run time they ought to be able to separate the two. But clearly it’s not being ID’d correctly.


meaning they confused the d8 for d9?

I can’t tell you really… You should.ask them to send you a picture of their standard run. Seems a little odd to me that with the 100 peaks in this run, none of them apparently line up with the other 4 cannabinoids they’re listing.


The d9 might be right after the d8, but the best thing to do is ask the chemist who ran it.

this lab wont give me more details.
so just what they said is that triba is the reference material. :worried:

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What is your end goal with this product? is it a product you made and want tested? Is it a product you bought and had tested?

Let us know what you are trying to do and we can probably lead you in the right direction.

My first suggestion would be find a new lab and have this tested by someone that knows what they are doing. @kcalabs is the number once choice for d8 testing and they will be able to tell you more than most about whats in your product.


Then you shouldn’t use them… Any real lab would be happy to show you those things.


This is your sign to leave. Labs that will not work with their clients are usually unsure of the science they are preforming.


We’ll test it and give you the HPLC chromatogram with the COA. It might need testing on the GCMS, but we’ll make sure after looking at the data off the HPLC.


Its a Problem. im from Eu

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I try to ask them for the Standard run.
Will you than ne able to tell me exactly .
Thank you

You can also senda sample to me.
I’m not so far from this lab. :wink:

I know them they usually do very good work.


Nobody can tell you anything exactly except the lab that ran this. Again i dont think you are understanding what we are saying… You need to find a new lab.

Also could you help us understand what your goal or intention is with this product as we may be able to help with your intended goal once you share it.

@Dr_Jebril is another great person for proper testing and is located in Switzerland i think.

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I will Thank you