Can anyone buy THC distillates buy the KG in L.A. ?

Hi all,

I was wonderring if it was not too naive to ask, buy can anyone buy a bulk THC concentrates in L.A. or they are limits of how much per day, or other regulations I should be aware of.

Thanks, and sorry if it is a basic question, but culdn’t find anything concrete on the web.

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you can buy anything in LA! of course volume impacts price greatly


Thx for the info :stuck_out_tongue: , but was asking more about legality etc :slight_smile:

California consumers can only purchase their cannabis products through a licensed retail location with set limits. Unfortunately, you would need a license to purchase and possess bulk concentrates, anything over 8 grams if im not mistaken.

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Yeah 8 grams is the limit for oil on your persons assuming your of age 21+ along with 28 gs :blossom:

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