California manufacturing license looking for partner / investor

I currently own 4.7 acres in greenfield ca with type 7 manufacturing license distribution and cultivation

Property has a 3000 sqft building on 1.7 and a 15,000 sqft building on the other 3 acres adjacent.

Property has 30 year land entitlement for cannabis use.

Currently holds all city and state license.

Property is completely paid off and we own it.

We’re are looking for a partner to do large scale extraction distillate and complete the build of the project.

If you want to learn more contact me.

Thank you.

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Contact us through Phone/WhatsApp number: +1 347-378-8601

Will do

Hi, sounds like all you need is a c1d1 room buildoit and the extraction/distillation equipment.

If you haven’t found a partner yet, contact us at