California just Amber Heard the bed

California just passed the law allowing human remains to be used for composting.
Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “organically grown”
California Has Legalized Human Composting | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine.


Why is this bad? Or are you not saying that, and I’m reading the tone wrong…


smoking on that ivory

I knew “how high” was ahead of its time


Would you want to eat your salad that was grown on compost that was made from your dead relatives?
But I can see how you can grow some killer Bud on it and smoke it in a ritual to contact your dead relatives…:thinking:


I wouldn’t really have a problem with it. As long as they consented while living. It’s just compost by the point it hits the field…idc

They already make compost from pigs who don’t make it to slaughter. Not much different imo


Get in a smoke lodge with nothing but a towel around you holding a huge peace pipe with some dead relative bud on it… Morbidly enough I can see the appeal.

I would eat a pig I don’t think I can say the same for my dead relatives


Planting a fruit tree over your dead pets corpse is a common practice and some people consider their pets as kids.


Yeah but cannibalism is a bit different don’t you think?

Its not cannibalism, its knowing the cycle of life, everything we eat is supported by something that died awhile ago


Also by the time a tree bears fruit whatever you buried next to it is long gone

I’m sorry I have to disagree with your assertion because it’s different when it’s not directly used to fertilize the food you eat

The bones might remain but how is that different then the humans being composted, wouldnt they be long gone aswell?

Sorry bro but that sounds dystopic to me… Soylent Green comes to mind.


The way i see it is some people dont have the money for a proper burial and a beautiful head stone, also some people dont want that and want to just be burned and thrown into the ocean or some favorite location.
If that person didnt give a fuck where they end up and is either already donating their body for organs or w/e.
Composting the body is way better for the earth than burning it and turning it into ashes just to be thrown throughout the land.
Only problem i see is some crazy ass virus or pathogen that can live in a host humans body, have it composted and it stays dormant until somehow destributed throughout the soil and anything its grown with has it but ive seen too many zombie movies lately lol

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Seems relevant


No problem with somebody wanting to turn their body into a compost. I have a big problem with allowing that compost to go into the food chain.

Why, it’s just compost at that point. The body would be long gone by the point it’s reached the fields…


Yeah I wouldn’t want to eat those.

But I will eat some veggies grown with human compost, because they are still veggies…just because they are fertilized with a compost, sourced from human bodies, doesn’t change that they are still only veggies.

(Not saying that is what you are saying, just my take)


I don’t think OP knows the meaning or the origination of the term “jump the shark”

It tends to signal when something has reached its peak and is now in decline.

It was coined from the show happy days after Ron Howard left and there was an episode where the fonz jumps a shark on water skis. Horrible episode.

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