California Job Market

Hello and sorry if this is the wrong sub for this post. I graduated with my Bachelors in Environmental science and did a 6 month internship with a small group of florist. I am currently working at Ilera Holistic Healthcare in Louisiana cultivating medical cannabis for about 6 months, which is a little more Corporate than I like (LOL). I’ve seen other forums that have said its good to have that corporate experience before trying move into the industry out of state, like California, because no one is looking for a degree rather than experience and knowing if your “trainable”. I would like to learn from another grower on the side but I really want to find myself somewhere in extraction if I could as fast as possible. If anyone is willing to help me out or point me in the right direction it would be really nice.

Read up on EtOH extraction, and teach yourself how to do it right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Purchase a sublimator and follow @Beaker’s teachings. Search results for '@Beaker' - Future4200

Take some chemistry at MIT


Get a linked in and start talking to cannabis staffers like Vangst.

They got me several 6 figure offers within a few weeks.


I do have a linked in a lready I’ll look into it.

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I have taken chemistry classes up to Organic Chemistry at the university I have attended, I also have taken chemistry labs so I am pretty familiar with safety procedures.

This is fuckin gold. Thank you


All kinds of great stuff there, and the video classes are especially helpful.

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