California Extraction license type 6 & 7 question

Hey guys, was wondering if someone here could answer a simple questions. We are building out a type 6 non volatile extraction facility in Long Beach. When we filed we wanted to shoot for a type 6 and 7 in case we wanted to add on volatile later. Our local authorization just came in and it specifically says we are authorized to apply for a type 7 license from the state. I am concerned because it makes no mention of a type 6, legal is telling me that type 7 also covers type 6 even if it doesn’t say it but that doesn’t sound right to me. Anybody have clarity?

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California Dept of Public Health

According to the above link - Type 7 covers all alternate classifications

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Thank you very much!

All the things you can do with a type 6 license (ethanol extracts, co2, infusions) you can do with a type 7.

The pertinent portion of the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Board Regulations is §40118(a):
“A Type 7 licensee may also:
(1) Conduct extractions using nonvolatile solvents or mechanical methods on the
licensed premises, provided that the extraction process is noted on the application and the relevant information pursuant to Section 40131 is provided to the Department”

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Hi. How long did it take you to get a license from the day you applied?
Thank you

Including plan check, build out, and permitting we were 2 1/2 years start to finish. Type 7 in Long Beach.