C-bleach what went wrong ?!

So I’m encountering an issue after using c-bleach where the c-bleach is darkening product before distillation. This would be be my 3rd attempt using it and only the 1st time having this issue . After the 3 part brine wash the heptaneoleroresin solution heated to 50c . C-bleach then added and mixed for 10 minutes then filtered through silica gel . The 1st couple of times worked fine and produced near water clear although i feel using magsil would’ve had better results from what I’ve read, however the man in charge is scared of ending up with pink distillate due to inexperience with use. This 3rd time the heptane/oleoresin solution went from being a darker shade of gold to dark amber almost black and at a ph of 5 . As a result boss man gave in and finally order magsil and column.

magsil and chroma column just came today so I’m wondering if filtering it through magsil would fix it or if repeating the 3 part brine would do the trick or if it even needs fixing.

I have no experience wet loading magsil in chromatography column any tips or directions for this ?

Also have read that adding a table spoon or 2 to the boiling flask would result in a near water clear end product. Would this also be an option to resolve the issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advanced .

Are you distilling your product again following this wash, or just evaporating off the solvent and done?