BVV steel

Notice how the top where top lip is bent! Wtf is this fixable? Lol


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Think I may be out of warranty can this be milled down or is the structural integrity compromised?

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All 304 BVV stainless

This is a reasonable reply from BVV. To their defense I bought this couple months ago and just finally got to putting it online. Lesson is check your steel beforehand

“These spools are quite heavy and this damage can occur during shipping or if dropped. Given when it was purchased, its well outside the reporting window and I’m 99% sure our claims department will not be willing to send a replacement but Ill start an RMA request for you anyway and we will see what they have to say. Maybe there were more in the batch like this and they will have a different opinion. Let me find out”


did you ever use it and get a seal? Ive had the same from hfs but not as obvious and It never sealed so I contacted them and they replaced it, twice. Bvv is horrible, im surprised they responded to you. Bvv has sent me faulty equipment multiple times nd never responds. They sux. I go in there in person too and they are SLOOOW and a bunch of wookies in hats with dab pins. They cant even give me the right gas when I ask for butane and then the staff requested my ID and scanned it and then the owner or manager told him not to do that for cash purchases. The owner was nice but his employees sux. I should sacrifice a tube and trow it all around and it wont warp lik that. That is from either bad manufacturing or you heating it IMO.

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It can seal with a lot of work but the steel looks too compromised to trust. That column is only used for winterization. It’s never had heat on it.

Id write it off, you shouldve noviced that if it was that bad, and i wouldnt use it at all. The ferrule has dimensions to work with the clamp and I dont think it can be machined. What size is it?

Torch the low spots until cherry red then spritz with water, they’ll shrink up a bit. It’s 300 series stainless so the only thing this may affect would be corrosion resistance. Then when you’re within 1/32’ or so, take a large whiz wheel to surface the too flat enough to seal up properly.

If this sounds like a ridiculous amount of effort: 1.) You’re correct, and 2.) Throw it away and be angry at BVV


I am sure that EVERYONE here knows as a FLAT FACT that Henry Ford made an ENTIRE car from Cannabis & other chemicals. The STEEL he made was better than Elon Musks own cars & rocket engines because STILL on YouTuber where a coal miner BIG & Srong hit the trunk with the POINTED edge onto the trunk…and it BOUNCED OFF !!! NO DENTS. PERIOD!

Definetely not BVV fault the column imploded I did not look inside help me so this never happens again… what causes implosions?

I think I heard liquid co2 or nitrogen in the jacket can cause that? Theres some type off safety vlve to prevent it. Someone will correct me.

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Was it being chilled? (If so, how?)

What was the column being used for?

Glad you are all good!

It was being used as a dewaxer. Just -60. - -80 with 200 proof ethanol. The way it was explained to me that 31 liters of ethanol fits in jacket at reg temp but at -80 u can fit 35l. So when the temp rises there is a bit of pressure in there. It was valved off leaving pressure w nowhere to go.

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Ooooooof…Makes total sense.