Butane saline Wash

I want to do a saline scrub in an extra pressure vessel and use the drain valve with a thermometer to drain my water into a smaller vessel. Then use that same drain valve tee’d off to push pressurized butane solution through a “column” that is simply just a few filter plates loaded with magic powders.

My only concern is that the water will either freeze making it difficult to drain or there will be a violent reaction when the butane hits the warm water idk?

I plan to load oil and water pre mixed, close vessel, vac down, deliver cold alkane, pump a series of warm (to mix) then cold water (to separate) through jacket, drain water, pump warm water again to pressurize and then push butane through column into clean receiving vessel. then vac down and recover my solvent through a desiccant column and cmep

Any comments questions concerns?

Why not keep both solutions at the same temperature? Pressure will surely spike as itw warms up, but you might as well warm the alkane close to that temperature anyways, no?

Does this pressure vessel have a stirrer? Keep it C1D1 pleeease
Edit: If I understand correctly, you’re feeding the solutions counter-current to mix them, correct? No stirrer

Pressures will be high, account for that in your design.

The pressure vessel has no stirrer. All my equipment is c1d1 and I don’t plan on releasing any solvent in atmosphere.

I also have no stirrer in the vessel and am not sure how to apply counter current mixing to this vessel.

I figured I could homogenize warm distillate with a very generous amount of water then add the solution to my vessel by pouring. Close the vessel, vac down and feed cold alkane until I have enough to fully dissolve my oil. At this point I anticipate ice forming on the bottom so I would need the warm water jacket to fully dissolve oil in alkane. Then, I may drain water emulsion layer…

Im either fighting ice or high pressure, but what do you guys anticipate high pressure to be if I stay around -2 (freezing point saline) to -1 c (boiling point butane)?

This is just a theory to replace heptane or other alkanes

How about magnetic stirring?

For some level of countercurrent mixing, you can draw in the hexane from the bottom of a column and draw in the saline solution from the top. Regulate the flow as needed. You’ll need the saline solution to come in through a dip-tube, and pull vacuum from a vapor port at the top of the column. Use a cold trap to catch volatiles like hexane.

In my small trials of doing this, solutions had to be scrubbed with much more saline like this than if I properly stirred the solutions for 5 minutes. I’m sure it can be done better though. Maybe some baffles need to be incorporated.

Magnetic stirring is an option, as is mounting an overhead stirrer. Again, just make sure the motor is explosion-proof (many of the motors can be replaced with a C1D1)

I think you’ll be fighting ice at those temperatures, definitely. You’re asking for some damn precise regulation there haha