Butan cans in freezer safe?

Hi Guys,

i have a small question is it safe to put my butan cans prior extraction into the deep freezer or should i use some dry ice and a non electrical method to cool it?


Yes but you have to buy cans that have some accelerant in it such as propane or iso butane otherwise you will have no pressure.


Are you using closed loop? You could fill a recovery tank.

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Perfect, just checked it and it should work.

Nope still using only a closed column with cans…

No don’t put them in a regular freezer. Dry Ice is ok.


Agreed putting any tane in reg freezer e electric compressor is not “safe” you need dry ice cooler and IR gun.

Closed column about -35f for the fuel esp if you freeze material w dry ice

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I agree with the others about safety. While it is unlikely, frozen butane canisters CAN leak due to the changes in pressure caused by the space taken up by the butane in the canister at different temperatures and if they do they will indeed turn your freezer into a bomb waiting for an ignition source.

I remember reading an article about it, and can say I’ve myself smelt butane I’m places I stored cans just from refreezing before putting on dry ice.

Whip-It Premium (420ml) are good ones, there’s a 70/30 I wanna try I gotta find the name of it but it looks good. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://butanesource.com/files/msds/whip-it-prem-msds.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjP-eHqocziAhVDL6wKHab7BPcQFjACegQIChAB&usg=AOvVaw1wlZyv6NRJi_BQJSaPZ8eJ


Ok perfect.
Then i will put a towel on my dry ice and put the whip it cans on top to cool them.

So -35F is the desired temp i should cool my 540ml cans to?
Is even lower not good?

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Daym thats cool.
Need to get my hands on that too.

It’s just you said your using closed column, regardless, you can’t have the solvent colder or as cold as the material. It will not move. If you try to inject and it just sprays back everywhere your solvent is same temp as column.

I found that-35f my solvent would still move and things turned out great. Use extra solvent running this cold though. I usually froze column hr or 2 and solvent about 30min on top not covered in dry ice

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Appreciate that information!


That’s the 70/30 I plan on trying with a different tank


Hey there psychopro bro, I’m waz from Aus.
How’d it go with ya tane did you freeze it, for how long, and how’d ya product turn out? I’m Still learning decent methods to make use of excess trim and wouldn’t mind knowing how you went seeing all the negatives