Bulk CBD, CBG, CBC Isolate, Distillate and Crude for sale


Hey just in case anyone is in need, I’m sitting on a pretty good inventory right now!

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Hey i’m interested in some distillate.

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I am interested in more information and COAs.


Feel free to give me a call!

(970) 420-8186

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Do you have thc free cbd distillate?

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Yes, please feel to reach out!

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CANNALYSIS 99.80.PDF (169.2 KB)


Do you have access to BHO unwinterized crude?


I do, feel free to message me


How do we connect? I’ll have my business partner reach out. He is handling that need right now.




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opening up a CBD store here in Florida. need all types of CBD products


please feel free to give me a call @ 9704208186 or shoot me an email @ Kylan@stevesgoods.com


tried Calling


I’m interested in crude as well

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please call me whenever is convenient