Built a couple labs out over the past 3 months to process 100 pounds a day for under 100k. DM me For more info

I can do all size build outs but I do a lot of work for smaller mom and pop builds getting them going for low budgets and cheap reliable equipment. Have been able to get a handful of labs up and going now for 100-150k that can process 100 pounds a day in a 8 hour shift to distillate and 1 of them even got a full isolate set up.

Feel free to DM me for additional info.


Im not knocking your hustle bro. But 100lbs in 8 hours for 100k-150k is not very good. I Can do this for about a third of that price with hydrocarbons, probably even cheaper. 100lbs isnt a large amount. especially for these days. I think i realistically can extract 100lbs in 8 hours for under 30k.

And if this is alcohol…can probably do it for even cheaper. Bucket tech can easily eat threw 100lbs in 8 hours.


1000-2000lbs per day lab build out can be done for $50-$80k.
My setup is coming together for less than $40k. Able to knock out a metric ton in a 12hr shift.


That sounds like what I need. If things go right I’ll have 20k lbs to process by next spring. Point me in the right direction, what equipment do you like for the initial separating solvent from biomass step? I use a panda spinner. It’s good for 4 lbs.

$40k for 1000lbs? I take it that’s just extraction? Care to share some details? Thanks!

Lmao okay boss. 1000 pounds a day for 50k to isolate including filtration… how much duck tape you using for that?


Okay for starters no one should be using bucket tech. Your gonna sit a bunch of flammable liquid in an open bucket around new people who have never extracted before? I can’t push people in that direction that are completely new to extraction. Yes you can bucket tech to panda for incredibly cheap. I’m talking quality methods that are not dangerous to the client and have the least amount of risk.

100 pounds to isolate comes out to about 60,000-70,000 with proper equipment not cutting massive corners. Then your talking proper infrastructure which usually these clients are starting with a completely un built out open space.

So ya I could get a lab going for 30,000. Would I ever put my name behind it? Hell no.

I’m talking safe lab full build out. Youd be amazed at all the little shit that comes up that guys who only sell equipment don’t notice. People constantly don’t hit their promised capacity that the machine companies swear certain builds can do.


Nonetheless, 100lbs in an 8hr shift will get you nowhere in this industry. With the prices falling the way they are and will… you do realize that you completely wasted those people’s money, right? Within 3 months, it will cost them more to produce it in their tiny little lab than it will to buy finished product outright…

I can do this with hydrocarbons for much less and convert it to THC diamonds which has a much higher resale value than CBD isolate.

Id be willing to put my name on a lab build out for 30k that would do 100lbs safely into diamonds or budder, shatter…

Im sure its a million times easier to move thc diamonds and budder than cbd isolate. Its not even in the same ballpark.

We put @bg305 2x hydrocarbon extractors together for under $8k and they can do 50-60lbs every 12hours into fire shit thats commanding top dollar. How much more do you think i need to take that to 100lbs.

I dont just sell equipment which is why i can stand behind the numbers i say. Im in the trenches just like all you. I low ball my numbers so i can exceed my customers expectations… Its easier to wow your customer by low balling what your doing then fail to meet that customers expectations by over selling yourself.

just my thoughts.


We Arnt talking hydro carbons or thc though… soooo it’s kind of a mute argument?

Of course thc is going to get you better returns.

These guys are processing their own hemp. They will be just fine.

If they were running 12 hours the same build could process 200 pounds+

100 pounds per shift seems to be a very common number. Not sure why.

150k could probably get you to 300pounds a shift if your going 12 hours.

But then you start running into filtration and distillation bottlenecks.

If it’s cbd it’s even easier. So I don’t understand your argument.


I’m no CBD expert but I was contacted by one last week. Seems they want me to build a mobile unit to harvest and extract hemp as I comes down. The extraction process will leave 2-5% behind that can still be pulled out later. But these people are talking in tons per day so trying to run 100 #'s really seems like a waste of time. Do you have the numbers as to what your profit is on a KG of isolate for one of these 100 # per day labs?

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When it’s done farm to store like these labs plan on the mark up on products is still large. These are not the types of designs that will be competing on the business to business scale of bulk isolate and distillate. They’ll be using small town mentality to sell capsules and tinctures to local distributors. So profitability is still there as your talking cost per MG being 0.0035$ and sales per MG being 0.05


Cbd can’t do any single one of the products you listed above… so I’m confused as why your confused.

Roto vape= 11k
Short path - 18k

Your already at 30k right there… sooooo not sure where your pulling your ethanol machinery numbers from

who is using a rotovap for that amount of alcohol recovery…and who is spending 18k on a SPD? Come on bro. stop already.

I can extract the hemp and recover the gas for under 15K. the rest is easy with stainless filtering… A few grand on a spd and done. Dont want to make this easier but it is.


Lol okay what’s your preferred ethanol recovery unit?

And that best value vac short path kit that’s gonna shit out in a week isn’t worth it.

For 100lbs in 8 hours id probably not use alcohol to being with. Id do it with hydrocarbons. Recover all the gas as said above. I can filter with any solvent after which makes this much easier.

Even a cheap chinese FFE would be super under your budget at this point…

WHO WOULD USE A BVV SPD??? U lost me there bro. Id have @david make me a custom 5l or 10L for about 2000 in glass. A set of used edward pumps. A warm water circulator. and we are still probably under 7-8K. Running way faster than most on the market.

if you want me to help you do this cheaper all you have to do is ask. You know we can already kief 100lbs an hour at @bg305 farm. How hard or expensive do you think its gonna be to extract 10lbs of kief then 100lbs of biomass.

We are just talking about different stuff bro. No offense to the origanal post. Its just way cheaper and there are better methods if your ONLY extracting 100lbs in 8 hours.


So exactly. You’ve clearly never used a Chinese FFE. Don’t you think every one would be using tons of cheap falling films if they were more affordable then roto vaps?

David already makes my glass for the short path. Grab a used Edward for a couple grand and your still gonna be in the 10-13k range. Not a huge difference. People brand new are not gonna piece together equipment like that. They want an easy to use ready to go kit.

Your just talking on a lot of ethanol stuff that you don’t really fully get. Why do you think you see every smaller lab running rotos? You don’t think I’ve searched out all the cheap FFE? They don’t work at that price. So it’s kind of funny you recommend one.

Hydrocarbon is awesome for certain things and may even be cheaper. But again they ask for ethanol so I do ethanol.

I set up labs that have quality equipment, are safe, and are incredibly easy to learn how to run by people with no prior extraction knowledge without cutting as many corners as I can.

Just keep chuckling about the chinese falling film unit. ReAch out to kush dude. He was trying to build one of the cheapest ones on the market and it was still gonna be 50 grand! So where are these magical small FFE that are cheaper then rotos? By all means show me the way boss.

And then you want someone who’s never done anything extraction wise to run a pieced together duck taped FFE

That is what your getting paid for… This is what a consultant does. Puts their client in the best position for profitability soon.

yeah…im sure if he gave me the design…i can have it made for 50%. its the benefit of buying metric tons of steel a week and not a few heat exchangers.

This is where its your job as a consultant to teach your client the best route and give them all the options and let them choose.

Im really sorry im nitpicking this apart. Im just saying with the falling price of CBD and better methods of extraction. If the state allows hydrocarbons and most do…Its probably the most economical way of extracting that small amount of biomass.

Once again im sorry to have done this in your thread. Im just saying its not very hard to do and there are much cheaper options and we should be educating our farmers on maximizing profitability.


I’m saying it takes a ton of time to do this. I’ve told them I don’t have the time to hold their hand and walk them through piecing together machinery like that. Nor do I have the time to walk them through all the millions of issues that will come up through doing your approach. Hydro carbons are extremely dangerous in the types of set ups these people are running. I’ve been in enough back room bullshit BHO labs to know. I’d never push someone to the more dangerous route even if it saved them 10% of the cost.

You can happily hold your clients hands as you piece together every single piece of their lab and then take their calls when they constantly have machines fall apart cause they’ve been pieced together and probably assembled terribly unless your also going to fly out there and put it all together. And after they’ve paid you to do all that work and install they really haven’t saved that much money.

You have next to no ethanol experience extracting just book based knowledge without the application which is dangerous. Trying to compare apple to oranges. On top of go hit up precision, I came in to a lab couple months ago that got charged 25k for a px1 that did like 5-10 pounds an hour not including all the ancillary machinery.

So 25k… for 5-10 pounds

Centrifuge 5000
Roto 11000

Doing 10 pounds an hour for 16000…

You have enough knowledge to be dangerous and not enough ethanol application to see why certain opinions aren’t viable in a lab setting.

And nah don’t apologize we all know tour favorite past time activity is nit picking lmfao