Building my 1st Short Path Distlation Unit

Hi, my name is Andrew. New member but have been checking out the site for a few months now.

I have a budget of around $6k and am looking to buy all the parts needed for my own system. Due to funding I am expecting to get a 2L or possibly a 5L setup.

The last system I used with my partner was with an Edwards 5 and some cheap glass, a 2L, bought off Amazon I believe…and we were able to produce pretty nice product, especially on further passes.

Looking to get something similar until I can afford something nicer. Willing to buy whole setups or just parts I need

5L Short Path
As best a pump I can get for around $2.5k
Cold Trap
+any other useful lab equipment for distillation

Even links to to good equipment from trusted retailers would be helpful…really any help in me deciding how to build my setup would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and help

Located in the woods of Washington

I have a brand new in box 1l mantle, and a few 1l 2 neck bf if interested. Also a 500ml mantle.

If ya wanna go all out, a 2l spd mantle and glass, 2021i vac pump (new rebuilt pulls 6 microns), a leybold trivac d2.5e and other stuff


We are a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer that can provide all the lab equipment you need. In the last month of 2019, all products were reduced by 20%. If you need to, please contact me at
Main product list:
Rotary evaporator (1L~100L)
Vacuum pump series (peristaltic pump, rotary vane vacuum pump)
Short-path distillation (2L, 5L, 10L, 20L)
Molecular distillation
Low temperature / ultra low temperature refrigerator (-40 ° C to -86 ° C)
Carbon dioxide extraction equipment
Supercritical extraction equipment
Jacketed glass reactor
Single layer glass reactor
Circulating water vacuum pump
Vacuum oven
Blast furnace drying furnace
High pressure reactor
Freeze dryer (freeze dryer)
Low temperature reaction tank (storage tank),
Low temperature coolant circulation pump (cooler),
Water/oil bath
Electromagnetic heating stirrer
Hydrothermal synthesis reactor
Heating jacket
Lifting platform
Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Microwave reactor, etc.


That so called water aspirator vac pump wont do squat on a spd.


Seeing how you listed that in a spd “turn key” means you know zip in this biz.


How much for the 2L setup?


Wrong pump again!


Glass is cheap 500 total, and NEW bf
Mantle is the black case, upgraded mantle. Cost 799.00, like to get 450

Free spin bar package.

I’m about to list my entire lab for sale

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Very interested, I’ll send you a message

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How can I message you?

I’ll send ya a dm. Newbies are limited on what you can do until a certain # of posts are made.

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Okay, still open to seeing what everybody else has for lab equipment or links people feel would be helpful for me.

Gonna be needing proper housing, vacuum grease, and everything else.

our lab has @david ‘s 5l short path kit we got off amazon, ~1699. a used 2021i is cheap off ebay


I have a new/rebuilt 2021i for 1600 shipped to lower 48. Pulls 6 microns. Just filled and blanked off. No runs

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Looks like the Aspirator is doing Not hot condenser duty…


Cant even pull -27hg duty

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Pls see our 2L $5L SPD,different model we have,DM for price

Can you send me a dm?

Those pumps are horrible, ive thrown away 5 with less than 10mins of run time. Youd sell alot more if you had the right equipment and knowledge to sell it. Fyi the blue water pumps WON’T work for short path


didn’t learn the first 4 times? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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