Building a wiped film, (yhchem?) & reactor for 10k or under?

Building a wiped film was gonna source an 8” one from yhchem base model and source everything else myself with better quality and upgrades.

If anybody has anything to say about yhchem’s wiped film specifically also that’s much appreciated.

I know a lot of people are selling there wiped films so possibly open to buying from some of the trusted people here I’m always sketched by some people that message me on here saying they have machines for sale :joy:.

Any reactors that’s are decent quality, (gonna work for 3-6 months And not blow me up) for 10k or under. Doesn’t need to be c1d1

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Build list

8” wiped film base model (yhchem) 22,000
Condensing coil $4-800
Ss316 spool for feed setup upgrade (owner)
Vacuum pump (25-4000)
Turbo Molecular pump
Diffusion pump (15-2500)

Setup for never break vacuum and recirculating feed


Trying to stay under 50k

Most of these things I can source from Xtractor depot, BVV, USA labs etc.

Any suggestions on upgrades, and what to stay away from

We have some nice reactors and sell everything you would need for a wiped film setup. We even repair them. Shoot me a pm with your info and I’ll send a quote

Have fun! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while!

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I would steer clear of a turbo until you’re very sure you’ve got the kinks worked out and the system type. Edwards diffstaks are great diff pumps and available used for good value. Nobody likes exploding a turbo when a random leak opens up


2nd the anti-turbo sentiment. I like diffusion pumps personally, near impossible to break and I see deeper vacs on the cts kd series with them.

Check out @anon42519203 on insta he has a super modified wiper similar to what you’re describing.

One thing though, the yh wiper I bought came with a warped shaft and it will never make a thin film. Another user in the wiped film parameters thread said the exact same thing. Their idiot engineer came out and removed three screws on the right side and called it fixed. In addition to that virtually all of our equipment has had issues, most being critical issues like motherboards frying themselves 1 hour into operation (rotos). I personally hate YHchem with a passion but if you get a winner, those things can be modified to pull a shitload of disty per hour.


Breaking dabs actually had also suggested diffusion against turbo.

3 strikes turbos out😂.

And it’s sad to hear this, do you have any other suggestions on a company for the wiper? I’ll even down size the wiper to a 6” realistically if i can do 1lr per hour I’ll be happy.

Any references from anybody on here?

For what repairs or sales? Checkout the website here

They make absolutely garbage products that leak s d make black distillate. Red light warranty. One of the worst co Lanie’s you can deal with. It’s just some dude with twenty different female sock accounts lying to everyone for a buck. Thier stainless rusts and thier electronics burn out.


We know he has alot of unhappy customers who are tired of buying knock off parts. But don’t ask me.

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@Siosis We shipped you a couple 20L boiling flasks a couple months ago. How would you compare quality and cost to Summit?




Our flasks are the thickest and heaviest avail made in boro. But nice try. I don’t skimp on material costs. We pay more for more quality.

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You buy your flasks from Rocco who buys the blanks from Schott. We buy those same blanks and take it one step further and grade and screen out any inferior blanks with bubbles or anything.
We have the highest quality flasks available and we are still 50% less than the price you charge.
We also do a lot of repairs and we get yours and Rocco’s glass all the time and I can say that the quality is not what it used to be. When Rocco himself does the work it is great, but most of the stuff coming out isn’t made by him and it’s just not the same.


Friday drama! Thanks :pray: @goldleaf_scientific

Need some entertainment for today. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


You have no idea what you are talking about. Schott is not our only supplier. We use different glass for different stuff. Sounds like you have alot to say about @roccoscientific quality while your staff members are out spilling the beans of your business while they are looking for jobs. While we have having highest grade glass made to order thicker in the flask blank game but you wouldn’t know anything about that …

Our glass is flawless, everyone’s seen your Ludacris knock off coppies and crooked seals. I stand behind my guys and thier quality with warranties and support and quality you cent touch.


Ok prove me wrong. Show me a pic of your heavier wall blank on a scale. Otherwise I call BS.


Your quality used to be good but it went downhill fast. We are already making better quality flasks and our glassblowing is top notch. Our designs are unique and original and just better in most cases. You act like we copy you while in fact you have been copying us. Your mantle is just a fluffed up version of ours that we introduced years before you.