Bug remediation?

Greetings everyone, this is my first post, my apologies in advance for my ignorance.
I was given about 60-75lbs of older nugs, trim, smalls, some plants are still whole, the age is not my really issue, my big issue is that is covered in dead aphids, white flies and a little bit of spider mites, but the aphids and gnats are the biggest issue. What would be my best bet as far as getting something usable out of this material? The cannabis itself isn’t bad, but these bugs are just crazy on it. Please help. Any and all advice and help is appreciated.
I was thinking either cryosift the processing the kief, or washing it and I imagine the bugs would stay in the first few bags and not make it to the smaller micron bags… Would BHO or EHO be feasible option then turn it into distillate?
Thank you in advance everyone!

Water hash sounds appropriate. Or screen/sift as much as possible just to clean it up before moving on to other extract method


both Butane and Ethanol are appropriate.

yes, you might end up with “essential oil of dead bug” in your extract, but bugs are not all that soluble in either & the bits that are (the fats & waxes) should fall out when you winterize. they should certainly not co-distil with your cannabinoids to any measurable degree.

caveat: I’m guessing. I have not done LC/MS or GC/MS on extract of bug. even if I had, it’s unlikely all bugs are equally toxic or soluble. so ymmv.

edit: if there were attempts made to control the bugs with pesticides, then all bets are off.


When in doubt, soak it in booze and cook it. Ethanol + SPD is what I would do.


Thanks guys, I think I’ve decided to go by with a booze soak, 200 proof ethenol, I will end up making edibles with everything once it’s nice and cleaned up. I appreciate your input!

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Wash as cold as you can possibly get