Budget processing equipment recommendations

Hey everyone,

I’ve been producing dabbables in a 5lb closed loop system for a while now and am looking for recommendations on what equipment you guys would run to processes a large volume of trim for dabbables or distillate.

I’ve outgrown the 5lb extremely and am looking into a setup to allow for 100+ # of trim processed per day.

I could keep higher running higher end through the closed loop and maybe pickup another to solve that problem, and then need to get a full set of equipment for washing volume.

I’m thinking the cheapest route would be a couple SPD’s, rotovap and ethanol rig.

I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately so appreciate any and all advice available.

I have a custom butane/propane closed loop that processes 200 lbs per day in one run. I can get it done with one buddy but two helps.

I can get this to you turn key for nearly half the price of the large precision extraction closed loop system.

Cheapest investment would be bucket tek ethanol.