Cannabis Supply Chain: CBD & THC Vape Cartridge, Vape Pen, Vape Battery, Dab Pen, Dry Herb/ Wax Vaporizers Customization. With 14 years of expertise in vaporization business, you can guarantee a trusted partner to help your brand grow. Whether you require help with your Cannabis supply chain involved in Manufacturing/ Filling/ Packaging/ OEM & ODM customization requirements, our Shenzhen GMP facilities and workforces are here to assist. For Any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact me here : )


@Sun could you please round up your sales team and decide who is going to post your products here and stick to one post about all your products. This is spam and annoying. Thanks


Got it : )

Best Selling Vaporizer

Vape Family : )

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DBL with adaptor to use carts.

New release full ceramic CH4 with flat tip and round tip, samples available…

Hi there, CH4 samples available at USA, welcome to have a test : )

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Haha, cute pic, anything I can help you?