Budder up, streaks, or oil slick in shatter?

Hey guys, I keep having a problem running other peoples material (all nug run) I keep getting budder up, or buddery looking streaks through lots of slabs as well i can notice a oil slick layer on the top of the slab somtimes when i go to flip. My guess is they are spraying bad stuff on there crops and it comes out in the final extract? This is for shatter which we have made for years and we havnt changed anything (we have had the odd peice budder up out of 120g slab’s but not full runs that is happening sometimes now). We chill our solvent tank in dry ice and use dry ice filled colums using n-tane with typical filter plate setup. (i know many people who dont even use dry ice or ice at all, and get no budder or streaks:s)We usually do larger runs so its a pain in the ass when we have problems like this. Some material will be fine and some will budder up like crazy. Which is why i think its what the growers are using? Anyway, im curious if anyone else has had these problems and if so what are some suggestions on fixing it. Extra filtration? Our market wants very snappy shatter thats nice and clear. Thanks for any help.

How’s it taste ?

High terpene content can cause buttering. If the taste is whatever, winterize it and clean it up. If it already tastes good try allowing the butane solution to blend more evenly. A cold collection chamber (maybe caused by how cold your solvent is) can cause your solution to begin to crash out thc and fats. Then they dont get the chance to dissolve back into solution since you evaporated solvent and now you have your buttery virus that will spread and eat you and your slabs alive. Ok maybe just your slabs


Tastes fire still. The high terps is what i was thinking. It happens more on terpy dank material then say a shitty pk or og. But we need the yeild the gassy rockstar and death bub type strains put out. Everything else we do is good, as in the extraction, oven temps (85-90 tops), room humidity (40%) etc. Now that you say the cold collection chamber, this last run i did was brutal for budder like a virus. I totally forgot to turn my water circulator on while recovering and it froze the water in my collection chamber. I bet it did start crashing, was probably frozen for 45 mins or more… derp. But for all the other times I dont usually do that. I personally like more terpy pull and snap shatter or even sugared up. But our damn market is super picky and wants the shatter very snappy and clear as can be. Its just weird to me how its becoming a bad problem since everyones been getting fuck all for the bud now. Maybe there just spraying bullshit and not caring anymore? Good sugar leaf is our favourite, comes out super snappy and good colour, but can never find enough of it…

But, @Terps420
Are you changing your sieve often enough? Are you using a squirt bowl? How are you recovering, passive or active, what temps? What temp is the oven, how often do you flip? Are these specific slabs tacky or more sticky than normal? Does anything else from these guys do this, or just these runs? Have you ran their material before, and why would they be giving you a bunch of flower if nothing was wrong with it?

I’ve seen this “oily” layer you speak of. I haven’t determined what it is.

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“Why would they be giving you a bunch of flower if nothing was wrong with it?”

Spot on.


Good questions:

My sieve is probably not getting changed enough tbh, every two weeks.

I am using using a squirt bowl

Active recovery at 34c

Usually 95f to muffin then brought down to 85f

I flip next morning so 8-12 hours before first flip. Then leave for another full day/night flip again.

Yes they are more tacky and sticky then normal, and yes some guys material seems to be more susceptible to budder/sugar. We do get a lot of different stuff from different people. Our medical market is notorious for fake/false results on what they use. And everyone and there brother grows where i live. People run nug 24/7. Theres a lot of material with nothing wrong with it getting extracted.

I like running nug. Plus most people can sell extracts for more than their flower. And it stores longer, etc etc. Change your sieve, could just be hydrated and needs to be replaced. I’m guessing if guys material is more sticky and tacky than normal, it might be sprayed late , I’ve had that far more than I’m happy to admit. Could be terps. Maybe it could be the squirter came out too fast and agitated it this time. Sugaring is a chain reaction. When you see signs of sugar, cut them out and “free dabs”, they will spread. Take that section out and you might save the slab. If it is more sensitive material and you have to handle it more delicately. Let it rest at around 100 in the oven. Drop to 95 and pull -10 or -13 and turn it down a few more degrees. When it get to that temp 88-87 pull more vac to 20 and drop temp to 84 (heat and agitation are your enemy) when it gets to 84 pull vac and let her run for a little bit and shut her down. I wait two days to do flip one and then flip daily to 5-6 days


To make dabs using a press. How hot is perfect? How much is too much pressure? How long do I do it for.

You better start a new tread with this titel If You want anwers :no_mouth:


You better start a new tread with these questions If You want anwsers