Bubble hash market

Anyone seeing a market for shit like this?

Im looking into making 1lb or kilo bricks with a nice stamp on the front like gold bullion …

It’d be cool to sell or just hold onto until the world goes to shit completely and I have something to barter…

What do lbs of nice bubble hash go for?

Was gunna use that giant collection to explode myself but I’m holding off for a while…:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::point_right::ok_hand:


I’ve been asked for exactly this a couple times just lately. Haven’t came across anybody who had it but the old heads want it.

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Little birdie said 5 bucks a g wholesale standard hash, not bubble


Europe has a market. Specifically Eastern Europe. I know a Serbian who loves his hash.

5/g all day long on the stuff that comes out of my rosin press bags🤣

The pic looks like pressed kief. Bubble shouldn’t be that green. It doesn’t even look like very good kief.

Bubble from outdoor biomass will almost always flunk a mold test, which is a lot of why it isn’t seen in dispensaries.

We smoke a lot hash in Scandinavia. It’s easier to smuggle from rest of EU and north Africa than weed

Costs around $400-700 for 100g depending on the quality.

Yall can keep that


Bung hash


I’m pretty sure when it’s lit on fire, the poop hash’s bacteria is neutralized. Better then 20 euros a g for D stock flower


Well how else would ya get the teardrop/egg shape to the hash pellets?

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Yeah, depends on what hasch you buy. That is Spanish street hasch Probably smuggled in some Africans intestines.

It’s very Soft and potent tho!

You need to know your contacts and buy closer to the source. If you buy 100g plates I don’t think there will be any poop. It is smuggled in tones directly To Scandinavia from North Africa.

Personally I prefer good North African hasch, it has good taste to it. And they have been doing it for hundreds of years.

I imagine the poop particles are coming from the hands making the hash.


I’d buy a lb if it was good.


I believe that’s because they smuggle it in someone or somethings anus

thats a lot of burro’s I’d need to use

Imagine trying to fit a plate up your ass…


listen. as a proud boofer, I can neither confirm, NOR deny, that it can be done

I’ve seen og brick hash like this around LA

typically like 5/g when I see it