Broad-spectrum CBG oil for Sale

We currently have an over abundance of our Broad spectrum CBD/CBG (THC free) oil right now and are looking to get rid a little of our inventory!

Would anyone be interested in buying Broad Spectrum CBG/CBD oil by the gallon?
Currently we offer 3 flavors: Blueberry, Watermelon, and original hemp.

I have COA’s available.

Feel free to E-mail me for COA’s and Pricing

Can you please post the testing results on here?

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Here is a link for our Blueberry CBG oil

3% cbd and 0.1% cbg?
why are you selling this?

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Please look at the actual percentage on the COA. Its 97% cbd with 3% cbg

The percentage you are referring to is the distribution of cannabinoids , not the concentration. If you look at the concentration , or potency, this oil is extremely low for a distillate. It seems more likely that it is a low-potency tincture.


This is our 1000mg tincture

This is a 825mg/fl oz tincture, i believe you are misinformed on the product you are trying to sell


I would really love to chat with you and see how you are coming up with these numbers

oops looked back on my math, your test result is confusing, and you are right it is a 1000mg tincture

1,096mg CBG and 31mg CBG per fl oz


This is seems to not be a high potency oil, Kylan why don’t you explain to us what the numbers mean

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