Broad Spec Distillate For Sale $750/L

Have 80 liters of “T-Compliant” Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate for Sale.
80-90% CBD
2-4% Minors
<0.3% THC
Selling all batches for $750/L, No MOQ. COAs attached.
200401Q001-001 CoA.pdf (523.4 KB)
INV-0002-200313 (Delta 9 Labs).pdf (98.1 KB)
INV-001-PX-2020-03-03-BS4_Full_Panel.pdf (516.7 KB)

Call/text if interested: (734) 646-6990


What remediation method did you use for this?

Solid price.

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Shot you a text big dog

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Can this be made T free?

yeah, but not at that price point.

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Is this something you’d be willing to do?

May be sending some leads. :heart:

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Flash Chromatography. We have Buchi C-810s.

Send them on over. Happy to provide photos/videos of the facility and any other info anyone needs.

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We have a couple liters of T-Free available as well if that’s what you’re interested in. But the cost of remediating this material further to take it to T-Free isn’t worth the increase in value.

What’s the equivalent super low Flash’s always price for ND thc kilos? 1100? 1000$?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question(s). Non-Detect is priced higher than Compliant BS (typically 0.1% to 0.3% THC).

And compliant broad spectrum like the product we’re currently selling is usually higher than $750/kg. Honestly, we’re just trying to liquidate some inventory even though we’re not making much (if anything) on it.

No I mean you said that it’s not worth it to you to take your material to ND because it’s already so cheap. What I’m asking is what you feel ND material would be priced if it was priced in a similar fashion (super cheap fire sale)

So compliant is 750$ (for your sale)
If you were selling ND instead (in a similar liquidation type sale) what would you price it at? Like 1100?

^ I’d like to know this. I understand it won’t be 750/l anymore but what would be the price if you did remediate it?

Oh I see what you’re saying. To be clear, I wasn’t saying that it wasn’t worth it to take it to ND because it’s already so cheap. I was saying the cost of running it through remediation is expensive (columns and solvent being the biggest expenses).

But you raise a good point, we probably could still sell the ND for below market price and still recover the additional expenses of the 2nd remediation run. The reason its not worth it is the opportunity cost of (re-)running compliant material outweighs that of running hot material (which is less valuable). And we only have so much capacity.

For the purposes of discussion, the comparable price for T-Free would probably be between $1,100 and $1,200.

That’s what I was curious about. Gotcha

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@PuritixKY Can you please forward me your COA’s for T-Free distillate?

INV-107 - COA (04.28.20).pdf (98.7 KB)

Sorry for the delay on this. We can sell this batch for $1,200/L.

The other compliant batches are $750/L