Brand out of Jamaica

Yeah, so the Gov’t of Jamaica has eased up a bit on Ganja production. There are many knocking on the door, but few have walked through. The opportunity exists to launch our brand using Jamaican, naturally grown ganja. Of course they can grow any strains, specifically strains that do well outdoors. Obviously… this is Jamaica.

My company does not have the processing capacity yet, beyond oils. On the smaller scale, what options exist?

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Maybe some hash rosin?

Id imagine you can pretty much process anything in Jamaica. I know your an island and its hard to get supplies on the island but i think you can probably get your hands on most of the supplies needed to make most concentrates.

What do you want to make? What are your concerns?

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Focusing on tourist market with prerolls and vape pens would be my main focus. One of my brands is Royalbudline. You can check us on ig. I also Have multiple other brands including pico de gallo which is a Vape cartridge company here in California

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I have to stick within the medical realm for now. Doesn’t mean no or low THC necessarily, but I’m using oils as a basis.

I just made myself a nice toncture for personal use woth just coconut oil amd hash oil

Exploring options. many spheres are already saturated, but not with Jamaican grown.

I like the way you think. I’m gonna contact you through your site.

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Yeah, I have to get more into it. This is all very new for Jamaica and even newer to me. I’ve covered much but need to get significantly more hands on.

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Can go through ig or if you message through the contact there is makes sure my manager has reference so say you messaged me on future4200 and you wanted to speak with me further about a Jamaica project. She only passes things along that seem important or that have a reference. Thanks.