Brand New Beaker & Wrench WFE outlet pumps for sale !!!

I have 4x Beaker & Wrench WFE outlet pumps for sale, see details here:
www (dot) beakerandwrench (dot) com/product-page/wiped-film-evaporator-outlet-pump

They are designed for Pope systems, the adapter hose fits 24/40. One complete set (two total sets available) consists of:
2x gear pumps
2x heating blanket for gear pump (one heating blanket for each gear pump)
2x adapter hoses (heated)
1x heat controller for adapter hose
1x heat controller for heating blankets (on the gear pumps),
all wiring and connections

Again, I have two complete sets of gear pumps available. Beaker and Wrench warranty will be honored with the buyer - I can have Ace or Lilibel speak with serious buyers to confirm.

Please DM me with questions or inquiries. Thank you!

All units sold. Thanks to everyone who inquired!

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