Boiling flask



Ok hear me out
Evaporation of liquids have a few constants
A the amount of energy we put in
B the evaporation surface
Now with the amount off energie we shouldent mess to much for the quality of Distillate suffers a lot off heat Gives bad fraqtions etc etc
But If we make the evaporation surface larger iT Will also speed up the proces
So i often work with smaller boiling flask in a larger mantel iT works pretty good
But what If we would be able to buy egg shaped boiling flasks
So a 500 ml has a diameter of 105mm
And half full a evaporation surface of
86.6 cm2
And a one liter flask half full has the surface of 136.8 cm2
Now If a 500 ml flask was egg shaped
To have the 1000 ml surface half full
This would be an increment of 58%
Yes i think your head Will flood on 24ns size but a widder bore for the head should be able to handel that yust fine
From 1000 ml to 2000 ml the increment is also 58%
And. Say from 12L to 20 L there is still a 37% gain
Now i think scrubbies in the head or Any other media Will prevent bumps with disaster
And volume wise iT aint all. That diffrent
So who has a glass blower to set to the test ?
Thoughts ?


I’m following you and to that effect I’m trying to create an SPD head that could scale from 500 ml to 12l LOL