Boiling flask volume



When distilling cannabis oil under vacuum is there a way to calculate how much of the boiling flask should be filled with in order to achieve efficient distillation?



Really depends on how much weight your mantle base can withstand. Usually about 3/5 is what I run


I agree with @Dabman209 2/5 the minimum and 3/5 the maximum
Remember that on fist pass 3/5 should be your aim to have enough 2/5 for your second pass
Need to have 2/5 filled to get enough vapor pressure to get distillation gooing


Thats what i was looking for, thought youd need at least perhaps a third of total volume minimum to get enough of a differential.

Not to start another thread perhaps you fellas can help on here.

Is a single solvent dewax in cls (solvent sits with iso/dryice for 6h before being filtered through 1micron sleeve) sufficient polishing to achieve an acceptable quality distillate?



Yes should be You can always take a sample size and in either iso ethanol or acetone at 1:10 freeze in a Home freezer at -18C about 72 hours in a dry ice iso sludge 3 hours and check
Either visual or filtration