Blue distillate from EtOH?

So here’s a what the hell. I know you can get blue and green distillate from BHO but I didn’t think I would see that from ethanol.
Anyone me got a guess as to what the hell this is?


What were your extraction and pre extraction parameters? How cold was your EToH? How long did you soak? Agitation? Pressing? Any post extraction polishing or scrubbing? If so how did you filter that?

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my guess is azulene and some head fractions …maybe a little bit of chlorophyll in there too

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that could certainly be azulene. It turned green from the yellow mixing in, but syill could have some chlorophyll. This was cryo extracted, filtered, run through AC, filtered and then run in the still.

My concern was the possibility of pesticides. I pity the fool that puts pesticides in my still!

Marketing lol

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I wish I could pull blue every run, anyone got an sop for that?

first, soak your weed in azulene
second, distill it


hmmm, seems like its good for your skin. I wonder what smoking azulene would do to your lungs? :thinking:

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That is a clear indication of filter aid that has made into your resin predistillation. Back in the day when i codistilled oleoresin or 1st pass distillate with bleaching clay and AC to make water clear, the head fraction would often come out blue . But i have also seen this during agressive color remediation during filtering. Oleo was light golden and beautiful but when distilling i saw a large proportion of azulene. Thats my 2 cents based on my experience


awesome, thanks! This was a run of last seasons so we were pretty aggressive with the AC. Didnt use bleaching clay for this run though.

It is kind of pretty, deciding to save and re-run or just put it in a little flask for entertainment purposes