BizzyBee Extractor and whole lab for sale

I currently have my first BizzyBee extractor and who lab up for sale. Comes with…

So 1 bizzybee
3 material tubes jacketed
2 solvent columns
1 mole sieve
1 30 pound solvent tank
1 bizzybee rack
1 7.4 cubic foot across international vac oven
1 1.9 cubic foot across international vac oven
2 Edward pumps
4 empty dewers
Ventilation fans and ducts
And extra 45 degree, 90 degree pieces
Extra hoses extra valves
1 collection pot with 12 inch extender

Message on instagram at logandogan2190 or email me at for questions

Is this still available. What are you asking?

What type of Edwards pumps?