Bizzy gear going for a steal***sold****

Item Model/Manufacturer: bizzzy bee
Description: various
Price/MSRP: $ 1/2 retail or obo
Current location of item: spokane
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: as is

I have this 6* point bizzy rack with assorted steel available
everything is used but well taken care of and completely functional

i have all the original invoices

on the rack is

-10/12 36" single jacket 50l collection with dual sight glasses and squirt bowl
also includes atrium tek lid
(retail 7500$)

  • 4/5 x 42" single jacket material column with 4mm walls ( two available)
    (retail 3700$)
  • 6" tube in shell condenser with single sight glass
    (retail 7800$)

-CRC module with one sight glass a single sided filtration coin and a sintered end cap
(retail 2400$)

  • 6* point rack
    (retail 2600$)

I am willing to sell piece by piece or as a lot for greatest discount

ill throw in hoses and fittings/valves for free just let me know what configuration you need

delivery available in washington/oregon/montana
shipping available elsewhere


Old school glass lids!


only true wranglers know:)


How much did you want for it? We’re in CA and will come pick it up

I sent a dm
Thanks for your interest

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Material columns sold

Crc / collection / tube in shell

Still available

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Anybody out there?

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Sold. Thanks for your interest