Biotage Rensa Resins - Reverse Phase Chromatography 😏😝

So who wants to talk about resins?

Ones that remove ‘impossible’ to remove pesticides…

Well. I have data concluding positive-good results from the HLB Rensa resin from Biotage LLC.

Biotage should be publishing some studies confirming the effectiveness of some Rensa resins. But due to that taking forever, and the release of the study getting delayed, I thought I would release some teasers… :upside_down_face::grin:.

I may just post the data results if enough people are interested. :v:t5:

Ig: @thenaturalengineer


Can you post the names of the chemicals that this helps you partition out? What kind of mobile phase? Gradient or isocratic? DCVC mode or flash style chromatography?

Interested of course!

I’m interested in hearing more.

such a tease…

got anything that holds onto specifically thca?

C18 holds THCa? Easiest reverse phase there is lol.

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Pyrethrins and permethrin in the data I’ve got. Reverse phase, so something like ethanol, isopropyl, or acetone, and water.
Flash chroma, as of now.

Reverse phase is pretty high pressure, no DCVC

just seeing what else is out there.

Alot of others do. They’re quite more pricey than easy to aquire C18, though.

and holds not CBDA?

C18 works in a way that you can see each cannabinoid come out in a seperate order, depending on how quick your gradient moves.

Out of respect to the owner of this run data, I wont show the gradient. But each increase on the 212nm and 228nm band width passing through the UV flow cell is shown through the graph. Each ‘blip’ is roughly a different cannabinoid. Testing via GC-FID or LC-MS/MS should be done to factually identify the compount eluting out in each fraction, though.


This is a reverse phase C18 ran with ethanol/water.