Biotage Isolera Automated Column

Anyone working with a automated column of some kind to seperate cannabinoids? Looking for experience running both reverse phase and regular phase columns to seperate these beautiful molecules by their marginal differences in polarity!

Yea Im working with a couple of Biotage Selekt machines right now…What are you looking for?

Pretty old post just curious if you had any questions

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are you using reverse or regular phase silica?

I do! would you recommend Biotage? Do they SFÄR get expensive? Looking to match the output of a KPD 1500. Or would you recommend Shimadzu?

Yes I am using the sfar c18 columns in reverse phase. yes the columns are very expensive but we are seeing pretty good column life thus far.

I am able to get seperation via regular phase silica and due to some prior calculations I have reason to believe this is a cheaper option. Have you explored this?