Biomass to Crude ratio question

If I extract 300kg of 8% CBD biomass. How much crude should I expect to get?

My general rule of thumb was that the crude yield would be 1-2% greater than the percent CBD of the biomass.

For Example: 8% CBD biomass would yield about 10% crude, meaning 30kg of crude; based on your 300kg biomass.

Bear in mind this is a super rough rule of thumb; don’t take it too serious or scientific.

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Hell yeah that math is basically what I had assumed. I always try to take estimates with a grain of salt, I just needed a rough number to check against this first batch. Thank you.

The math is lying all over the place here.

The potency of your crude depends how you make it. -40C ethanol done right will get you 90+ % of the cannabinoids in crude that is ~70% cannabinoids.

So 0.08 x 300kg x 0.9 = 21.6kg of CBD

Crude at 70% => ~30.8kg of crude

Going warmer, then winterizing might yield a hair more (95% + extraction efficiency)


@cyclopath coming in with the quantitative explanation! good stuff

the question i have is is it really profitable to extract 8%? I had heard somewhere under 10% the math doesn’t work at scale

All depends on your scale. I’ll run 8% all day

Edit: Speaking from a vertically integrated stand point


For us, the break even point was somewhere around 8% just in terms of biomass cost vs finished product price, no overhead. Once you factor in overhead, that jumped up to about 10% as a true break even point.

Bear in mind that was early 2019 CBD prices, I’m sure it looks much more bleak right now with the CBD wholesale prices in the toilet.

un-quantifiable without knowing what your efficiency’s are. with our process you would yield 26.6 Kilos of winterized crude at 65% ish.