Biomass splits

We still have a few hundred thousand pounds to run. Anyone out there with a solid contact to pass my way?

Thanks all!

Where are you out of?

Michigan. We have full trucking at our disposal.

Bumping for a Monday!

We are looking for some splits at the moment. Send me a DM with a COA of the biomass. Please make sure it is not the tops of the plant.

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I forgot to comment about the tops also. Drives me crazy these guys that peddle nonsense COAs. Each scoop inside of our super sac will look and feel like the next.

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Thanks to those that have responded so far!!! I would like to find one more split partner. Shoot me a DM if you have any capacity and would like a truckload sent your way!!


Good morning all, we have found a couple of great processing partners so far but would like to locate one more. If you have any space please shoot me a PM.

I’ve got about 120k left. Anyone have space?

Bump to help process my remaining 85k.

Anyone, anyone?

We can process about 2k lbs of trim a day. We have spots available for biomass splits currently.

We can help. Based in oregon. Can process multiple 1000s per hour. Shoot me a dm and we will work something out

We are located in CA but we are about to get our machine back in operation for the 2020 season. Let us know if we can help out here.

Hello There! I’ve got some friends in Reno with new extraction capacity, now up to 7Ton/day. Would enjoy connecting!

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Price of isolate gonna be 200 a kilo lol


That’s scary