BIOMASS 8-14% Available

I have biomass I want to toll/split or sell to local CO labs. I’d like to visit some labs to potentially partner with this season.

If you are in CO and have a lab, lets set up a time to meet.

Feel free to DM or E-mail me at

Edit*: 60,000 pounds are USDA certified organic

Kylan give me a call. we can help you out depending on splits or pricing or what not.

I do business with the founders of paragon processing. They can definitely accommodate your situation. Call me for further details

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new phone, lost all my old numbers. Hit me up

I will need your number to hit u up :crazy_face:

You got it! Kylan, Paragon isnt processing. Known fact.

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Stop telling people what we can and can’t do.


Lol, you do business with the founders. that means it isnt you.

Can you even tell me what subsidiary company owns paragon? I can, talk with the CFO weekly.

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I can hear the sizzle from that burn all the way across the Rockies in CA


:thinking: Never said I was the founder CHAD. I Do business with one of the founders. Just trying to help a fellow future4200 out. No need to flex on me with who you speak to weekly nor do I care.

Understand what your saying. I never said you were the founder. I said you do business with them.

Congrats you know my name lol

Hey extractors! let us know if you’d like help distilling. We can distill 50-100L second pass per day @ $0.25 per gram distilled 2nd pass. New on here looking to meet other local processors to see how we can collaborate on crushing contracts together. We are located in Carbondale, CO. Burgers on me. :hamburger: