Bin liners and carbon filter

Item Model/Manufacturer: GoBeGreen
Description:36x54 turkey bag bin liner, 200 count
Price/MSRP: $1000MSRP, price $150
Current location of item: Los Angeles
Estimated lead time: On deck
Fulfillment: local pick up LA
User support / Warranty: they are plastic bags

Item Model/Manufacturer: Can Lite
Description: 14x40 carbon filter brand new unused
Price/MSRP: 60 $
Current location of item: Los Anglees
Estimated lead time: Available
Fulfillment: local pick up
User support / Warranty: none its a carbon filter

bump I have 48x48 bin liners as well.

bump, hmu i have 6,8, and 14’’ brand new carbon filters on deck in Los Angeles