BHO Tech wanted

We have a large extraction lab in Edmond, Oklahoma. We are looking to hire an experienced extractor. Looking for someone with BHO experience. We have 11 acres growing. There will be an abundance of product to extract… Must be able to pass a background check. Pay is negotiable.


nice facility


a background check for a job that is still illegal… the world stopped making sense to me long ago


No shit. I’m apparently lucky that nobody I’ve gone to work for has checked mine other than to laugh at me.

Edit: I’m sure it has something to do with state boards, but still. The irony is absolutely not lost on me.


What would they laugh at you for?

I have a case which some folks find amusing because it would be quicker to list the drugs for which I wasn’t charged with posession w/intent.

And, no, it’s not some thing I go showing people because I think it’s cool or something. The state in which I live has a very user-friendly open records site, so looking everyone up is something of a common practice here.

Edit: I don’t want to hijack their job posting thread as they have a very serious setup, so if you want to continue laughing about my misfortunes (serious, not a sarcastic quip) go ahead and send a message haha.


Wish I was a little further along on my path, would love to work at a facility such as this, but I feel I have some more time to go before I am up to snuff with operating this style of equipment.

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Who are you getting your solvents from? Let me know if you want a quote. Thank you.

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" I have a case which some folks find amusing because it would be quicker to list the drugs for which I wasn’t charged with posession w/intent." I highly doubt that statement. The number of known illegal psychoactives is pretty large

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Only thing i have ever been caught doing was stupid kid shit when i was 17.

Background checks are essential.

You can’t hire felons in Oklahoma, the bureau of narcotics, the Secretary of State and the OMMA all require background checks.


i get the reality of the situation entirely. It’s just amusingly absurd


You’re not wrong.


Ironically not many in the market are understanding there are rules if any… trying my best to explain money and how far it goes… here…


But, you guys don’t do a background check outside of the state. There’s plenty of people working in that state with felonies that technically shouldn’t be able to work in Oklahoma.


so let me get this right.

some one gets convicted for dealing drugs to support there families in the past (pot related)

and your government wont let them work in the hopes that they will not break the law again.

no wonder your country is so screwed up.

you are dealing in cannabis man and you endorse this as well.


you can employ any one you want you just have to structure the books right.

we all suffered so you could have your legal stash.

you must be proud.


there are rules and then there are rules.

rule number one don’t bite the hand that feeds you and it was the underworld who made
this possible.

with out so many having been in trouble no one would have tried to legalize it in the first place.

respect where its due.

all of a sudden its legal now and everyone is wanting to be involved.

it was still grown before it was legal.

were do you think all of the knowllage came from if not from people who broke the law.


You’re technically correct, but I’ve seen the state do some very unfortunate things to felons in the industry.

Typically, they will hound an employer to let the person go unless they want to face additional scrutiny.

It may be the Wild West out here…but it’s also the Wild West out here…


are felons allowed to be cleaners ?

also how much did you get from the crop this year.

how much did you get last year.

the difference is your wages for your poor criminal.


@RedundantAlexithymia It’s awful classless to continue on in this thread, simply to slide in a half-baked insult at me, when I had just offered to send any such further conversation to my PMs as I didn’t want to hijack OP’s employment offer thread.