BHO soak time

Hello im new to this community and I’m happy to be here . I’m learning alot! I’ve just added a ball valve to my material column and I’m interested in what you all think is the best soak time before opening up ? Thank you in advance

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Depends on injection temp and if your able to maintain that cold during the soak.

I currently do 10 min


What fickle said.

If you can chill your columns you can push it up to like 20-25 minutes. When i run iso this is what I do. With nbutane I have usually done shorter soaks like fickle is saying.


The colder going in the longer you can soak if temp is maintained. I throttle mine and do very small soaks but i also dont dry ice inject all the time. Total time from inject to dump and recover 2-5 mins


It depends on what end product your trying to make.
Time depends on temp, like these guys have mentioned.