Beware of this scammer!

Picture is blurry AF.


When you click it you go to the imgur album with higher resolution. But I’ll post it here.

Looks as though you bought from an UNverified cbd slinger and got hosed.


Nah, the too good to be true price and not having a seller status were the first red flags. And there were plenty more. I didn’t fall for it, I’m just trying to warn others.

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There are a couple verified slingers with sub 2200kg of isolate on here.

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For singles? I’d be very grateful if you could point me to one of them that exports to Europe. Best I could find was $3000 but the seller stopped responding.

No :spoon: feeding for simple things that normally show up on my new posts.

Spoon feeding? :laughing: I’m here checking new posts all day everyday. I’ve been using the search bar for the last 2 hours and there are NO singles on this forum below or even at $2200. Don’t make statements like that if you can’t back them up…

Here ya go, please see avatar.

Now you’ve upset the demon. That’s not a nice thing to do. As I spoon feed a lot of ppl on here.

Linking CBD isolate sales is NOT something I spoon feed

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A very simple search pulled up all this

Oh I’m sorry, you just sounded like someone who’s actually in touch with the kind of people I need and not someone who just makes assumptions about pricing. Guess I was wrong :wink:

Peace out dude. Nice attitude. I’m sure it will get you far on here and in life.

I’m not going to get in a fight over this. I was just asking it in a friendly way. Nowhere in that topic you provided a screenshot for are kg’s being offered sub $2200. When Good Life Gang members like @IsolationChamberLab bought 2kg’s at $2500 each in the last two weeks I’m calling what you said an overstatement.

Looking for cheap CBD isolate in Southern Oregon

I actually ended up getting 3kg from 1megalabs in Springfield for $2000/kg.


Who’s buying something… I’m selling… lol

I was about to send you a DM. Domestic sales only or can you export to Belgium?

Nice i wish stuff like that was closer to here

Hey there. I think I’m the seller who stopped responding. I didn’t mean to blow you off. I was trying to do some research about the legality of CBD in Belgium. We can ship OUT of the US, but in order for the CBD to arrive safely, it still has to be legal in the country it is being shipped INTO.


Hi @RiverleafBiotech, yes indeed :smile: All good. I’ve been in contact with the Belgian authorities a few months ago and isolate shouldn’t be a problem as I explained here. Flower is definitely out of the question as they turned that into a 'tobacco replacement" product recently, but there were no new laws regarding isolate, else I wouldn’t take the risk of ordering it through my business and possibly wasting my money. Worst case scenario customs holds it and asks some questions, but I have plenty proof of communication with said agencies to defend myself with.

CBD product are still pretty new here and they are still figuring out what to do with it. I’m sure they don’t like it (hence the many silly rules regarding flowers, edibles, topicals), but they kinda have to follow EU guidelines. If total THC does not exceed 0.2% it’s not an illegal product in Belgium (the Netherlands uses 0.2% for fiber hemp and 0.05% for concentrates).

I have a friend who owns a couple vape shops and he was harassed for selling flower, but not for the isolate. Isolate products like Plant of Life’s oil and CBD boosters for e-liquids are the only CBD products he still sells.