Best way to find out sex of plant in large quantity?


Want to see what other grower are using to germinate and finding out the sex of plant in large quantity. Have anyone use shaded net? Thanks in advance.


Have you seen these guys?


Thank you, i will check them out.


Shaded net?? Anything to do with sex determination?

There are lots of folks who can perform dna (pcr) based sex tests. If you’ve got 50,000 you might consider bringing the tek in-house. I think they teach it in high school (middle school) these days…


The Medicinal Genomics PCR testing( Rowan posted link) is less than $5 a test after an initial investment of around$2000. That’s for the miniPCR. If you go 96 well, its a little more. But you can test 10 days after germination with a leaf hole punch.


Shaded nets @cyclopath don t tell me You never heard of that one :cry:


PHYLOS BIOSCIENCE… TEsts are 15$ Min of 4 tests…

Any Seeds we pop we test for sex right away Saves lots of TIME and SPACE and MONEY…

They Offer a 88 Seedling Palette and More…