Best way to clean mixing beakers?

Any help/ suggestions on how to clean sticky beakers. Accidently got some disty on my gloves without realizing and i touched my mixing beakers now they are very sticky. Isopropyl doesnt seem to work to well. Any help?

Generally something nonpolar in my experience. Pretty much whatever. I’ve used alot of weird stuff. Watcha got?

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you can wipe the outside with a lint free cloth with a touch of etoh.
Iso will work, you probably have something with alot of water in it, what % is the iso?

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91% bro its literally so sticky i dont understand😂 ill grab a lint freee cloth hopefully it helps thanks

Try the 99%, or some Etoh, both should do the trick. you could also use everyone favorite ketone …

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Wipe it down with acetone if glass.


Methanol is cheap and good at absorbing cannabanoids

Mct oil then dawn dish soap then iso if you need it squeaky clean


If you REALLY want it spotless I highly recommend an ultrasonic cleaner with alconox


Warm ethanol, iso or acetone. Careful warming it up

There’s a lot to be said for just using iso. 91% will get it done if you let it soak with a paper towel on it for a bit. Plus, it’s cheap.

I heard ultrasonic can mess with the glass integrity over time? Might not be a big deal. But a broken flask is usually a hundreds to thousands dollar mistake.

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Ive always used a soak bucket of Isopropyl or ethanol. Leave them soaking over night come in give a good rinse and voila. Just soak them over and over until the solvent won’t clean your vessels anymore, then boil off your solvent and distill. Waste not, want not.

Never seen that in my experience. Works wonders on cleaning glass. If you have pre existing cracks, it can make them worse for sure.

99% iso or acetone. cuts thru most sticky things on glass.
might need to hold the cloth on the sticky spot a few seconds.
but should just wipe away. 91% has to much water in it.

Have this exact model. Little work horse.

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Not saying that it doesn’t happen but I’ve never had any broken glass. Have used it for roughly two years

Never use ultrasonic for any vacuum glass.

I assure you 91% will indeed remove the sticky mess, followed with soap and water and it’s flawless, oh and it costs around $7 less for twice the amount. Then of course there’s the azeotrope issue, 99% with enough exposure to humidity will happily become 91% anyway. Will 99% work faster while it’s 99%? Sure, but are we so much of a hurry it’s worth paying 8-9x as much?

Tap h2o leaves all kinds of spotting behind. If doing a final rinse with h2o, use distilled. It will sheen rite off the glass if clean.