Best way to advertise for hemp investors

Where’s the best way/place to advertise for hemp investors

Depends on your situation. Already established, or start up. Are you farming, doing a vertical? If a start up and you have not matching capital, or your own land, or property to extract it gets harder and harder and the pool is getting full. If well established different story, but if start up get your boots on and start knocking on the doors of lot of hard money lenders, family funds etc. People that don’t deal with institutional money, but their own. I am worried about the FDA thing now, but I wish you luck. I was looking at what it would take to extract the average we have and it adds up quick. More details and can help more. I am always pitching. Start up junkie here.


I hear u I have three tax lots I’ve been growing cannabis 16 yrs 20grand worth of extraction equipment and lab instruments imma industrial glass blower 4 10 yrs and have sweat equity certifications and permits

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