Best Value Vacs Extraction Equipment for sale

I have the following lightly used equipment below. I prefer all to go at once - if I don’t sell in 30 days I’ll piece it out. Equipment is in Tempe AZ. I might meet halfway to So Cal
George 310-405-2402

3000.00- B/O for all

Apollo 5lb Closed loop extractor

BVV - 316L SS Tri Clamp Ball valve

BVV 2 stage vacuum pump VE 2100 1hP

2- 4" Tri Clamp Dewaxer columns - 24"

BVV 3.2cf vacuum oven



Hello, would you be willing to sell just the vac oven.

How much would it be?

I’ll let you know if the set doesn’t sell - gonna give it a few weeks

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Let me know if you piece it out

Im interested in the ball valve and maybe the spools if you end up piecing it out

Ill grab collection if you do piece out

Sounds good. Good luck with the sale.

Sent a DM.

This has been sold