Best ratio for mass terpenes

Don’t exceed 10% if you want anything not nose stingingly disgusting

There are also people used to smoking 15%+ and totally fine/want that. Crazy



I mix hte at 30 percent usually.

Shit, you can mix hte at 1:1…


Usually canna derived require less according to the general consensus I’ve seen here friend

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Canna and hemp derived are superior

Botanical is unsafe imo

Same. Idk why you’d need to add 18% or even 10%. Thats just ballsy

For me 5-7% percent is the sweet spot, anymore then that and the botanical terps make me sneeze.


I don’t know many trust me I wish I didn’t have to use that much. But was also told by a member that’s what he uses in his sauce carts


Hte or bust imo

You can mix hte super heavy ime (I know I already said this lol)


I do 30% hte as well

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same here 30%, more or less depending on terp loudness and cannabinoid content.


Jesus. I thought for sauce you didn’t even need any terps???

I need to dabble in HTE but need to get more information on how to make it. Can it be done solventless and solvent based or just one of those 2?

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Ya you can do it Solventless. Rosin pens. Most of us are making bho sauce. Separating the terp fraction from the thca fraction. Decarb the thca, re introduce the terps and there’s your mixture


I just don’t know if I’m gonna have enough terps for my packaged sauce and for my carts. Have you ever tried mixing either hemp derived terps or botanical terps with cannabis derived terps. Just to cut down on the amount of CDT I’ll actually use. With the HTE in there you’d still get the full spectrum effect and I guess sort of using hemp terps as a cut. As much as I don’t want to that might be a route I need to consider

Same question to you @Griffin.Labs

It has some potential for sure but they are usually so loud in fake terps that I don’t wanna ruin my extract. I like abstrax king Louis og. I’m always concerned about some fake ingredients in botanicals

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This is incredibly true. Lot of bulk distillate/white labeling ops use botanical terps cut with canna terps.

They chose botanical profiles that are pleasant as is, and cut in HTE/steam distilled (guess which one I prefer) to create a more pleasant profile.

I’ve been decently impressed by certain blends I’ve seen. Not more than 15%, 6-12% is far more the range.


Thanks. May try it solventless when I have the material and press. This interests me

I try to dedicate certain runs to terps for pens, so i end up fast crashing sugar so it stays terpy and then stealing the pour off for my carts. I have never tried hemp terps but have definitely been short terps and needing sauce for both diamonds and carts, that shit sucks lol


Hemp terps are all I use.

Compared to CDT its just not as flavorful

Anyone got any good hemp + botanical combos they’d be willing to share? I’ve seen people talk about doing it but not sure where exactly to start. Something like 1% Lifter 4% OG Kush?