Best practice for final ethanol/solvent removal

Hello All - Wondering about our processes to get to distillate. we have a thick crude from rotovaps derived from ethanol, even so, we are “roughing” the remaining ethanol as we get into terps and ultimately distillate. We start with a small single phase vacuum and then finish with our big boy the edwards 30. After stripping as much as possible (or so we think) with the cheap vac we hook up the edwards to finish. We bring the system down to 130 or less microns and are pulling from our 5 ltr (2.5 ltrs of crude) anywhere from 300 - 500 ml of smelly, smelly ethanol/terps. The question is what is the best practice to get this part of the job done? And how much time should this take to get to terps and then dist? We currently take more than 8 hours to get there. Any advice is appreciated.

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Try purging in a vac oven before you load into your mantle. Just keep in mind the the thicker the oil, the harder it’ll be to load.


that sounds pretty typical, decarbing the oil before spd will remove the bulk of the volitiles.

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