Best place to purchase crude?

I’m a personal medical User in a rec legal state (WA) I’ve been buying CBD crude for a while online but they now only sell B2B

Is there anywhere you guys can recommend I get CBD crude from reliably and cheap? I distill it and make pens and dog treats and stuff. I usually buy a kilo every month.

I saw ads on but I have ZERO idea if it’s actually a legit site. Prices seem normal though around $500/kg which is what I’m used to paying currently.

Any help is appreciated.

Someone will eventually dm or reach out to you from this site…i was in the same boat and thats how i got some way cheaper than some random wholesaler you search on google


Tru story


What do you get for$500/kg? I’d have to get biomass at $5/lb to make that happen.

I set up my own LLC for the cost of the filing fee. If you get one you can do tax exemption forms.

$500/kilo is standard right now

That’s tough, I should probably get an acre at least started next spring. What kind of quality are you seeing at that price?
Is that d9 compliant?

this kind of quality

Looks good, what’s the moq for that price? Guess I’m going to have to learn chemistry to make some money if that’s how y’all are doing things, lol.

I get 60% CBD give or take already winterized and ready to run usually for $500/kg

I don’t mind winterizing myself though. I’ve bought a few kilos before and had to do it.

We post ours on and sell it by the gram. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss it further. We own the site, I tolled the crude with high quality biomass that I have all the COAs for as well.

Thank you!