Best place to buy low micron filter papers

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good place to buy 1 micron or less filter papers? Some vendors don’t want to sell to the industry. Much appreciated thanks.

Before you say google it, I’m kind of asking about quality. Not really comfortable with ordering chinese unless someone can recommend.

Cut to size you need or make a sock for material column.

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Rosin bags

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ErtelAlsop you’ll have to call to place an order,
Dave Bowers
Marketing Manager
845-331-4552 ext.124


Dave is making depth sheets impregnated with Carbon Chem medias :sunglasses: Great folks over there!


They are awesome. He mentioned he was using your carbon. I told him they need to make ones with your acidic, neutral, and basic media’s. I hope he dose!! I used one not to long ago and for how little carbon is in it, it did a pretty good job. Had to refilter through celite to remove fines. The second time I used one I set up a 2nd filter plate with a bed of celite below the depth filter plate to catch fines without having to rerun. For quick and light filtration needs they are awesome!!



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