Best mm syringes

Landed in the neurological world. Ketamine infusions save my life! The good doctor explained Ketamine and magic mushrooms do the same thing To the brain. Dr. had to increase ketamine .75+ added lidocaine and GABA. Total surrender!

I have found I have a monster tolerance for THCCVD products. I’m looking at 5 g of edibles to begin to feel relaxation. I do sleep well but do not feel buzzed at all. Smoking ceased to produce a buzz years ago. Dr. Suggested high-quality concentrates like an EpiPen for a person with bad allergies. Their goal is to keep me off of the ceiling… LOL Can’t afford the oils or concentrates until I am able to produce a Outdoor pounds and pounds. Will be next year. Outdoors

Instead of Microdosing, the Dr, he suggested just a good strong trip when needed. I have not played with mushrooms even though we grew up in the 70s. I missed it about five years. I feel confident in my cultivating experience of producing many tubs of this magic fungi.

My question is is there any advice on strain specific syringes? As in cannabis are particular strains stronger? More trippy? Happier? More relaxing? That’s what I’m after.

Ethanol extraction is very interesting as well. Is it similar to QWISO? I really like the blue honey idea as well.

I was going to order from Neptune seeds. Might pick up a few cannabis cuttings And a few foo foo cannabis seeds.

Anyone else recommended for pre-loaded syringes?


i need to find a dr like yours!


Yeah can I get a referral or something?


I would argue this may be a positive thing?

Cures the common cold, why not?

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Don’t know if it was worth going through to get where I’m at.
AnyoneKnow what I mean?

Thank God for Joe Rogan. Never thought I would say that in my lifetime. But all the boys my kids age around 30 somethings. They all know what Joe Rogan talks about. Microdosing mushrooms and THCCBD benefits. It’s solidified dad being crazy for 40 years growing weed on the back 40.

I had to tell him I was more fun when it was illegal. But the point is my son can go back and translate what I speak candidly with to the doctor.

I’m kind of a big go big or go home person. So I really want to do this right! Any suggestions?


Or a long strange one?
Doctors orders for you sir! Always heed the good doctors orders



O’ the days of a K hole…while on some mdma.


sporeworks is established, I’ve had good experiences with them in the past

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Hawks eye or spore works

Damn son, sounds like some major depression you got there. I here those infusions are doing wonders for folks. I think shrooms would be a lot cheaper than paying a physician to monitor you during a ketamine treatment. I hope you get what you need. Always have a sober shaman around, especially when one is consuming shrooms for a purpose like yours.

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No depression, just a bad injury for years ago. Chronic pain chronic nerve damage turned into chronic stress both mechanical and mental. So never let them see you sweat on the outside makes the wires really warm and hot on the inside. LOL. Screw it! No more superman here…

Thanks for the safety concerns. I have a 70 year old neighbor across the road. I live in a very rural area, have large outdoor space to just go sit and not be disturbed. He is experienced. And we partied all over hell and half the country listening to rock ‘n’ roll bands. Now we both got old.

Still looking for stream suggestions? I think I am going to order the syringes from Neptune. I will order the substrate bags from another company. Maybe Amazon? But I do support individual businesses. I vote with my money.

Just thought I would check in to see if there were any revenant posts.

I go Tuesday for another big heaping Infusion bowl full of special K!
K-infusions saved my life. I don’t say things like this. K Smashed my blood pressure back to healthy and normal. In hours. Medications never worked for 20 + years. Doctor said I need to be melted. And he did it.

The infusions are a combination of ketamine, lidocaine, GABA, ltheraine. Witches brew!

At Another doctor we are doing vitamin B complex, vitamin C, peroxide, and glutathione Ozonat infusions to clean blood and beat back arthritis and inflammation. 2hr hands-on pt. No exercises, just dr md chiro rip, beat, stick, shock, drawn, quartered. Great stuff. Ex jock drs. 6’4 310 and messed up ears. Dallas Cowboys type treatments. Got to think outside the box or mainstream medicine corporate hospital establishment will kill ya!

Anyone feel free to chime in and helping a newbie out…

So if I could make it past the next six months the next two or three decades are sunshine, skittles and unicorns.

Take God for the state I live in!

What is rip beat stick shock drawn and quartered mean? A chiropractor? I got just a bit lost…

Cant help you with the shrooms but?
Do you eat healthy?
Are you overweight?
Do you exercise?
Are you on a lot of meds?
If your answers are
If you fix the 1st 3 then you might be able to reverse the last one.
Your path to healthy body, mind, and spirit might be more attainable than you think.


My bad. IMO hard core assisted stretching. Electro-acupuncture. Massage tools that look like jigsaws and never bog down. Ultrasonic and laser deep muscle treatments. Heat, tens, Alpha Stim-biofeedback. Tcm-cupping for blood flow. 2 weeks add 2 hr deep tissue medical prescribed massage therapy . Weekly…

It’s a cross between a college/pro sports trainer. Md of physical medicine and 2 do chiropractors.
YouTube ringdingers. This is usually warm up for what entails me over the next two hours. LOL.

I finally found what works so I’m not change my offense.

Sorry not a 400lb slug…

I’m at stump the doctor. I’m at the private pay rich people doctors. No I am not overweight 5 foot eight175. I’ll take two Tylenol threes per day. I have been imaged inside and out. Have a history of full body trauma. Very active life.

Something tore in my abdomen at one point in time. Sudden, Extremely painful 24/7. I must wear three compression garments. Think of typing a tomato plant up after a windstorm. I also wear 500 lidocaine patches per month. Add a big ass therapeutic brace around my midsection just to be able to stand and walk upright. Everything must be bound very tight because of stomach prolapse. Mid section is a wreck from lifting, traveling for decades. Not ever really relaxing. Very accumulative.past umbilical hernia issues. This is freaky stuff!

I have a history of scar tissue. This shows up in no imaging. My blood work was perfect. Many many specially blood test. Showed some viral infections. Cleaning my blood and traditional Chinese medicine doctor of Oriental medicine has helped with herb concoctions.

No fast food. Distilled water drinker. Lots of fruit nuts. Clean food and clean water cleaner air. No alcohol the last couple of decades. Cannabis connoisseur. No other meds. Turn the ball down, down. No hotel California pills for me. No thank you

Mine is Physical pain that turned neurological because of the encased nerves. Hurt and pissed off id what dr feelgood said.

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I asked because most Americans are overweight, do not eat healthy, no exercise and take meds to fix the issues that healthier living could fix.
Your def not overweight and the issues you described would not allow you to exercise if you wanted to. Your smart to stay of pain meds and use the cannabis instead.

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Are you an extreme body builder?

What activities led to this trauma? I’m super interested.

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Not extreme as I never took roids, have all my hair, and dick didn’t turn into a cunt.
In my middle 50s and been into body building most of my adult life. Waiting on my 2nd hernia surgery so lifting is on hold now. Most extreme body builders have all kinds of health issues when they get my age and older and then they look worse than if they never got into lifting. Many also have much shorter life expectancies.

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