Best filter for the final 1micron run

My filtration has bcome so slow lately it deiving me crazy. I do a eoom temp thru a 10micron coffee fter on too of a 3 micon belart and iff to the feezer for 18-24 minimum. Use to work great but last dew days, its not. Not tey to break the bank but who has some first hand knowledge of some really good final fine filters. Thanks foe reading

try doing another filtration through the 10 mic filter after you have chilled the solvent mixture. You should room temp filter 10 mic, winterize filter 10 mic, winterize filter 3 mic. You should have a better flow rate through the 3 mic after getting rid of the bulk of the junk.


Frits aren’t 1Micron. Smallest you’ll get is a Super Coarse which is like 5Micron

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