Best equipment for winterizing/decarbing

Can anyone give me a good vendor for reasonably priced equipment for winterizing and decarbing my oil

What volume do You want procesed ?
Crude ?
What is your winterizing ratio of crude to ethanol ?

I’m just trying to do probably 3-5 kilos a day

and I use a 10/1 ratio

best equipment as in reasonable price and works well? Or I want the best of best?
Also your question should be accompanied by your ethanol processing capacity and filtering.
Filtering procedures are :key: key to what equipment to buy. Remember all your machines and processes need to be married together

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Yes, sorry. I’m looking for turn key set up for crude and I would just like something that works well at a reasonable price

Jackie helped design my winterization set up maybe hit her up on IG. @shattergurljacqueline Idk how much she will charge but its a good place to start as far as turn key. Id be more than happy to have a phone call about it soon if you wanna bounce ideas around. Doing it yourself is going to save you tons of money but take a little more time.


Thanks @ky_cbd you are my boy! I will give you a call when im closer to pulling the trigger


do you have your solvent recovery covered?
that comes between winterization and decarb.

5kg at 10:1 is 50liters, so less than 15gal. an unmodified beer keg in a small -80 freezer plumbed to a second keg outside the freezer, with a 1um sock filter & housing between the two would achieve winterization.

alternatively a 15gal jacketed conical fermenter and used neslab or polyscience -80 chiller => same filter and into your still.

if your solvent recovery is a rotovap, then you can use that for decarb too, by turning up the heat once the solvent is gone.

simplest decarb is in a beaker on a hot plate or in an oven. looks like it would hold two kegs, allowing you to double production without going back for more…

caveat: I’ve had problems with sanke keg taps leaking N2 at -80. the elastomers are not particularly elastic at those temps. My solution was not to leave the tap in the freezer when not actively using it. Although moving to modified kegs was more satisfying.


Turn key for 5 kilos of crude a day :thinking::pray::shushing_face:
My humble opinion is there’s no turn key that’s cheap. Everything can be done at half the price…
But full disclosure my lab and most successful labs only use hi end realible equipment. So yeah start cheap and practical but as soon as you make money upgrade to lab grade equipment.

  1. Get a eBay crío freezers you can get one for 2k and work to -80 there’s a lot
  2. Buy a 10liter or more stainless steel filtration the new types with no filtering flask. Get fast and medium filtration paper. Best Value Vacs has options
  3. Buy a 45lpm 27hg pump for filtration Welch 2546 has a nice one you can get refurbished for $400
  4. Buy 5kg or more Celite or DM earth eBay cheap
  5. Buy 5kg or more activated carbon eBay cheap other options silica 60 and alumina
  6. Get a magnetic stirrer 10 liter best 5 liter acceptable amazon has some
  7. Buy 5000ml beakers, in the cooking industry there’s stainless steel 1000ml and 5000ml cheap
  8. Buy rare earth stirring bar they are green :wink:work much better amazon or eBay
  9. Buy plastic wrap for covering beaker all the time
    10 You need a Roto Vape or solvent recovery system. You can get an ethanol isopropyl hexane rated SRS in the waste recovery industry for about 20k and process 8galon hour!
    11 Things that are a must in a Rotovape, it must have dual receiving flasks for uninterrupted work,
    Your chiller is the key. It’s better a 10liter with upgraded chiller than a 20liter. Always upgrade your chiller

Like I said the list is for a very effective and efficient system at a price for own budget kind of thing.
If you are using company money get lab all of the list but lab grade. Hope I can help